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Masala Dosa,Plane Dosa,Cut Masala Dosa,Masala Onion Uttapa (with Aloo),Masala Tamato Onion Uttapa ( with Aloo), Butter Onion Masala Dosa, Butter Onion Plane Dosa, Butter Onion Uttapa, Butter Tamato Onion Uttapa, Cheese Masala Dosa.

Onion Plane Dosa, Onion Uttapa, Tamato Onion Uttapa, Butter Masala Dosa, Butter Plane Dosa, Butter Cut Masala, Butter Masala Onion Uttapa ( With Aloo), Cheese Plane Dosa, Cheese Masala Onion Uttapa (with Aloo),Cheese Masala Tamato Onion Uttapa (With Aloo)

Butter Masala Tamato Onion Uttala (with Aloo), Cheese Onion Masala Dosa, Cheese Onion Uttapa, Cheese Tamato Onion Uttapa, Butter Maisur Dosa, Cheese MaisurDosa, Butter SchezwanDosa, Cheeses ShezwanDosa

We accept Party Orders also

Contact Number : 9850272711 / 7774979797

What We Do?

Mankar Dosa is started from 19 years ago, started by Satosh More & Dhiraj Mankar on Satara road. Mankar Dosa is a southern part of india is famous for its various spices & also enjoying foods. Mankar Doksa’s ingredients are tongue-tingling flavors, can be both exciting and intimidating. “It’s such a complete world of taste & because of taste now it is popular in pune and started 7 branches of MankarDosa. Main brach is in Swargate.

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